Reasons Your Tape In Hair Extensions Are Slipping

If you are a customer a new comer to tape in extensions, sliding can be a top concern for you personally. However, it’s vital that you comprehend the reasons for why and how extensions can slip.

Top quality tape in hair extensions are often created using a clinical-grade adhesive which will follow the hair for around 4-6 days. Should you choose experience any sliding, the very best two reasons might be stylist error or incorrect product usage.

Below there is a 5 best explanations why your tape in extensions is sliding after initial application.

Hair Extensions Are Slipping

Before application, hair should be clarified using the brand specific clarifying shampoo or any other suggested shampoo. Your hair should be completely clean before application. Otherwise, any oil may prevent the adhesive from sticking towards the hair.

After application, the customer must wait the suggested 24-48 hrs before showering or excessively sweating. The text needs sufficient time to stick to your hair and if this sounds like interrupted the panels may slip.

During application, the stylist must make certain the panels are arranged perfectly. Otherwise, they might slide around. Have only your tape in extensions used by an authorized cosmetologist who’s been trained in this process. Otherwise, you might be putting yourself in danger of damaging hair or sliding extensions.

For those who have thin hair extensions, the stylist must use enough hair among the panels with thick hair, less. If there’s an excessive amount of or not enough hair, the sandwiched panels is going to be not able to stick together.

Getting tape in extensions requires extra maintenance and care. It’s essential for the customer to know which goods are suggested, otherwise sliding or any other issues may arise. The customer should shampoo having a sulfate free shampoo or brand suggested shampoo. If you are using shampoo that isn’t suggested for example any which contains moisturizing products, the text will ultimately break lower with no longer hold. Never condition your hair or apply oils or serums near the bottom of the panels.

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