Know About Your Favorite Singer What She Is Facing In Life

Won’t you be surprised to hear that the singer Mary Lombart is suffering from bipolar disorder?

Yes obviously we will be surprise. And the most surprising part is that this bursting news is public.

On instagram, the popular singer has admitted that she was living with the bipolar disorder and what struggle she has faced to overcome.

The appearance of popular producers Robert Simonds in Deadline, have shed much light on his career. He has not only worked with musical divas such as Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce, but also shared the possibility of having Mary Lombart on the list. Mary however, must be on the hold for the time being as she allegedly suffers from Bipolar Disorder. Seeing a celebrity coping with such an issue is only a person more to look up to, for individuals with similar disorder.

Post of the instagram

In a recent post of instagram, the fact came in front of the entire world. She mentioned that she has once danced and sang the song “I’ve got bipolar disorder” but hasn’t expected to suffer from the same. At nearly 1 am when she is recovered from episodes. She posted her experience in the instagram to the world. She suffered from hyper anxiety, suicidal thoughts and even shame. She admitted that she is not like this frequently but also not quite confident on some days too. a positive support from her partner and the helpful TV shows supported her to overcome such situations.

With lots of positive feedback from her fans, it is quite encouraging to her to fight back the disorder. In researches it has been seen that lot of people suffer from these mental disorder but cannot express. So nearly 83 % of all cases are of severe categories. It needs long treatment to overcome and also the support of near and dear ones. Among most of the mental disorder, the bipolar disorder has been common due to stressful life ahead. So in order to avoid such situation different medication and life changing habits has to be taken.

Know about the bipolar disorder

Now what is this bipolar disorder? It is a mental disorder which has elevation and depression both in one personality. Sudden shifts of moods, low activity energy, and inability carry the day to day tasks in proper ways. The disorder may take the mood from the elated and energized to down and depressive. The distinctive behaviors’ are known as mood episodes. Thus people suffering from such mood episodes can look tiring and disturbed. But when they are full of energy they would look fresh and lively. Thus this disorder is sometimes not understood even by the sufferer. Thus to look after the disorder look for the symptoms.

There are common people who are suffering from such disorders. But celebrities too can suffer from this disorder. They can have more tendency as their life is full of stress and anxiety. So if anyone is having such tenacity, always it is better to take proper medication and treatment.

Unlike Mary, many may not disclose their situation in front of the world. But a positive environment around you can change completely. So speak out and tell about the situation. You don’t know, this may help you recover very soon also. So share and treat yourself.

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