A baggy affair!


Creative Master Minds

World over have experimented crazily and come up with an alluring collection of bags for girls.   Striking bright clutches with

  • Jazzy embellishments
  • Block-printed tote bags
  • Ethnic jholas
  • Traditional potlis

Have become important members of our family of handbags.  No more are girls restricted to those formal looking leather bags. Prints in different hues with varied fabrics are in vogue. Funky designs, colourful patterns are the trend setters.  The world of handbags for women is undergoing a massive transformation!!  Designers world over are using different fabrics & experimenting with different shapes & sizes.

In the current times, much in the trend is the cotton & jute tote bags. Eco-friendly materials are being used beautifully to carve out an amazing collection of handbags.  Jute bags with colorful prints & slogans are much in vogue with the college goers while the women corporate honchos still prefer bespoke, sturdy & classy leather bags. A glitzy clutch completes party attire and makes you look stunning!

This multipurpose combo of fashion statement cum 100% utility is our much needed travel companion.

  • From large suitcase bags to the tiniest small clutches
  • We just can’t do without them
  • Everyone for sure have some baggy affair stories
  • There are times we misplace the luggage at the airport & go crazy looking for it
  • The most fun movie based on this premises is Home Alone 3
  • It reminds us of how we don’t want to carry the same looking bag ever
  • The threat of getting it misplaced does make us always hunt for something uncommon & unique
  • Girls now a day have alternative options absolutely ready
  • They almost carry two options together in separate bags
  • If one gets lost or is stolen
  • The other is ready
  • That is a smart choice, rather than buying a whole new one


Can be a great memorabilia to take from a place. Every place you travel will have its own art & culture & bags made in tandem to them. It is always nice to explore & buy bags for one’s self & for gifting it to our loved ones. Definitely for those who have a fetish for bags & are baggomaniacs, bags of different shapes & sizes are a complete treat for them. It is like a perfect gift & they would always remember you when they use the bag.

American Swan

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